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General Questions

What will it cost?
Is there support?
Do I have to buy a phone?
What will my phone number be?
Does it work with cell phones?
Can I call a regular phone?
How does it sound?
Can I surf the Internet while I’m talking?
What is broadband?
What is NAT?


Do I need a computer?
Does it work on Mac/Linux?
Do I have to buy a phone?
Can I use dial up?

Setup Help

Where can I get an IP phone?
I have a NAT – what do I do?
How do I configure it?
Do you provide quick start guides?

Using Voiptop

How do I call someone?
Who can I call?
When can I call?
How do I check my messages?

General Questions

Q:  What will it cost?

A: The service is free for Wayatone to Wayatone WorldWide calling. If you wish to call someone who only has access to the traditional phone network, take a look at our updated Plans or current Promotions.

Q:  Is there support?

A: Yes, we offer several types of support.


Q:  Do I have to buy a phone?

A:  No, you can use your own phone or you can use one of many free “soft” phones.


Q:  What will my phone number be?

A:   You will receive regular  phone number associated with the location you will choose  or we will try to port your existing number if you like, as long as someone else is not using it.


Q:  Does it work with cell phones?

A:   Yes, you have to use an “Soft” Phone  App to connect to the service.


Q:  Can I call a regular phone?

A:  Yes, Wayatone providing a regular communication service as known.


Q:  How does it sound?

A: Wayatone strives to provide the highest quality on the market, although It depends on the codec (analog to digital converter) that you and your destination party use. some of them as: G711u, G711a (often called PCM) has very high quality sound and is at least as good as a regular phone and will be provided by Wayatone to improve the customer satisfaction and experience using the services.

Q:  Can I surf the Internet while I’m talking?

A:  Yes , Usually your bandwidth will permit you to talk on the phone and surf at the same time, if that is not the case OR / AND you experiencing difficulties to do so, Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive a full communication solution which will include High Speed Internet connection and a Phone line.

Q:  What is broadband?

A:  Broadband is typically considered anything faster than a dial-up modem connection. Examples would be: DSL, Cable modem, ISDN, T1.


Q:  What is NAT?

A:  NAT stands for Network Address Translation. This is a form of firewall that makes opening channels to phones inside it difficult.  Wayatone has developed means to make this a non-issue with our service. Wayatone’s service will work seamlessly whether you are behind a firewall or not.



Q:  Do I need a computer?

A: No, you do not need a computer to call via Wayatone. In fact, most people find making a call through a traditional style phone easier and more natural.


Q:  Does it work on Mac/Linux?

A: Yes. If you would like to use a computer or “soft” phone, there are many available for all major operating systems.


Q:  Do I have to buy a phone?

A: No. please see above.


Q:  Can I use dial up?

A: Minimum bandwidth requirement is 64 Kb/s in each direction (total 128kb/s).  Additionally the connection must be stable and up to the task of transmitting voice packets in a timely or reliable manner. To verify your connection is reliable you can use packet tracing software to reveal network problems.



Setup Help

Q:  Where can I get an IP phone?

A:  Please see our Phone Accessories for your options.


Q:  I have a NAT – what do I do?

A:  Nothing different. The setup is the same whether you have a NAT or not.


Q:  How do I configure it?

A:  For configuration information Please check our configuration guides.


Q:  Do you provide quick start guides?

A: Yes, please check our tutorial page.



Using Wayatone

Q:  How do I call someone?

A:  Pick up the handset and dial the number.  800 services and long distance numbers can be reached by dialing 1 + area code + number. Please see our tutorial page for more information.


Q:  Who can I call?

A:  As a Wayatone customer, you can call all Wayatone customers, and anyone in the world (Depends on customer’s individual Phone Plan).


Q:  When can I call?

A:  Anytime, day or night.


Q:  How do I check my messages?

A:  If you have a phone with a “Message Waiting Indicator” it will show you when you have voicemail messages waiting. Some phones have a light, some will give you a “stuttering” dial tone to indicate messages are available. You can also check your messages by dialing *98.

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